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Therapists at Jones & Co provide one-on-one, individualised therapy sessions. These sessions typically run for 45-60 minutes, where the focus is skills building and supportive counselling. Jones & Co utilises a static diary system. This means you will have a regular appointment time, which provides consistency across the therapeutic process.

ANIMAL-ASSISTED THERAPY (AAT) - currently unavailable

Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a goal-directed intervention that is delivered by a qualified professional. It includes a trained animal that is an integral part of the therapeutic process. Research has found that AAT has positive impacts on engagement and motivation in therapy, emotional well-being, social interactions, and behaviour (Nimer & Lundahl, 2007; Fung & Leung, 2014; Williams & Metz, 2014). 


Cognitive assessments provide detailed information about how you are progressing in different areas of life. It provides an overall profile of your ability to learn, think, perceive, communicate, behave, feel, and act in everyday life. It can accurately assess how your cognitive (thinking), academic, emotional, and behavioural skills are developing over time. It helps determine if your cognitive skills are consistent with, above, or below age expectations. It allows an objective understanding of areas of strength and weakness that are critical for progress at school, work, home, and in other activities. For more information and fees, please get in touch. 

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